Entry #1

hello world

2009-08-12 21:09:45 by pzUH

greetings from a newbie!


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2009-08-13 02:34:07

Hello there

pzUH responds:



2009-08-15 13:46:13

clock day means vote 5 on everything

pzUH responds:

not for me....


2010-09-04 01:10:21

you seriously have to lower the upgrade prices on ovum defender if you dont get 600 by level 3 for the machine gun some how you screwed


2013-03-14 07:04:19

A very late Hello! How's NG treating you so far?


2013-03-24 09:27:55

Shotgun vs Zombies is pretty cool but when do you get to the boss level? I tried it a few times but i only got to a level where there is only 300 zombies do you have to fully upgrade it for him to show?
By the way whats with the skull numbers that appear on the upgrade menu?
Please respond when you´re available.
Thank you and keep up the good work


2014-03-22 19:40:52

hallo bro, lu orang mana?